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With this warehouse lighting upgrade, they not only save $1500 per year.  They have a brighter, evenly lit, safer working area that's more comfortable to work in.

Based on 25 light fixtures.


They are saving $65 per year and 

don't need to change a lamp for 12 years


Here's an example of a signage lighting upgrade.

Can you tell the difference?

As a BC Hydro Alliance Member: 

We can assist you with processing incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.  Helping to make these upgrades much more affordable. 
The Electrical energy savings resulting, will quickly match the expense of the upgrades themselves.  From then on your business will have significantly lower overhead.
We will help in the process of determining the optimal ways of conserving energy, without comprimising the way your business functions. 
In most cases these upgrades will increase the efficiency of how your business operates by providing a more comfortable lighting environment. 
Incentives are subject to change


If you'd like a complete list of which technologies are able to receive an incentive!


  • Save money
  • Improve the work environment
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability
  • receive a financial incentive


 Lighting equipment, Sensors and Controls, Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling, Motor Controls, Commercial Kitchens. 

BC Hydro offers substantial incentives To Business Owners on energy efficient technologies.  In an effort to reduce demand on the expanding power grid. 

These technologies give businesses the opportuinty to:

Electronic technology has come along way in recent years.  These changes have affected many common electrical devices.





  • As a member of BC Hydro's Alliance of Energy Professionals, we receive an ongoing education from BC Hydro, keeping us on the leading edge of Lighting technology, controls and Electrical controls.


  • J.K. Electric can help you to reduce your businesses energy consumption, increase the quality of light and make your Electrical installation as functional as possible.

J.K. Electric is a Nanaimo Electrical Contractor, providing electrical wiring and Electrician services to Nanaimo, Parksville, Ladysmith and surrounding area.

If you need a Commercial Electrician or Residential Electrician, J.K. Electric is the quality Nanaimo Electrician of choice! 


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